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We came to Dr. Staple after two consultations with vets who told us orthopedic surgery was the only option for Grayson’s CCL injury. Grayson was limping and could barely walk without causing his leg pain.
Through Dr. Staple’s care, which includes PT, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and loop therapy, Grayson is jogging at the beach and playing again without injury. We are so thankful for Dr. Staple; she cares deeply for her patients and has given Grayson a new lease on life.

Marcela, Brian, and Grayson W.


From helping Isaac and Marvin with all that comes with a diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), to dietary and herb guidance, help with anxiety, and both acute and chronic aches and pains, Dr Staple has increased the quality of all our lives!


Acupuncture, laser, stretching, and so much guidance around things I can do at home (including a customized rehab/exercise plan). Not to mention her genuine kindness and empathy towards my boys and their worried momma. We are forever grateful to have her in our lives! 

Alissa E.


We love Dr. Staple! Our geriatric dog had pain, hind leg weakness, and muscle wasting that negatively impacted his quality of life, making him reluctant to do things he loved—like walking! Once he started seeing Dr. Staple for help with spinal issues, he grew stronger and stronger, gaining several centimeters of leg muscle, improving his coordination, reducing pain, and significantly bettering his quality of life! He is excited to walk again and loves being up and about. We know he will live longer and happier because of Dr. Staple. She is so compassionate and in tune with our boy and his needs—truly a gift to pet parents!

Danielle J.


Bingley has a busy schedule as a certified therapy dog, and as an athlete who competes in agility.  In his senior years now, I was seeing him slowing down, and other signs that he was not enjoying the game of agility as much as he once did, although he was letting me know he still wanted to play the game.

After his first session with Dr. Staple, we had a therapy dog visit scheduled at the hospital.   I could see that the session, and especially the acupuncture, clearly made an immediate, positive difference.   It was like he was floating on air through the hospital and with each patient visit.

We’ve continued sessions with Dr. Staple and Bingley is on a plan set up specifically for him.   While I thought I might need to retire him from agility competitions just 2 months ago (Oct 2023), we’ve just returned from Orlando (Dec 2023) where he competed in the AKC Agility Invitational and did very well.  He even won the AKC Top Dog Breed Medallion!

The plan Dr. Staple has Bingley set up on is clearly making a positive difference in allowing Bingley to continue living and enjoying life to the fullest.

Denise F.


Our little guy Turner unfortunately had a spinal injury at 8 weeks of age and was not able bare any weight on his back legs. I started rehab and acupuncture right away with Dr. Staple. She was very patient with my rambunctious and wiggly young boxer puppy. He was definitely a challenge but Dr. Staple handled him gracefully. When we would arrive to our appointments Turner would instantly know where we were and was very eager to go in and greet Dr. Staple, his love for her was undeniable.


She gave us a detailed plan for exercises at home and recommendations on supplements that would benefit our little guy. After a few weeks he was able to stand on his own and take a few steps. His progression was amazing! After an appointment with his neurologist he was diagnosed as a “spinal walker”, which means he had no awareness or feeling in his rear legs but due to muscle memory he was able to take a few steps. Without Dr. Staple we would have not progressed that far. Never once was Turner in pain from his traumatic injury and he was always ready to take on the challenges Dr. Staple gave him at each appointment. We highly highly recommend Dr. Staple for Rehabilitation and Acupuncture needs!

Gabbie P.


The care my Bodie receives from Dr Staple is extraordinary.
Bodie has IVDD and hip dysplasia. The love and care Dr Staple provides is invaluable. Bodie receives acupuncture, body work, and exercises that we can also practice at home.  The Zen my big guy is in when he leaves the office is priceless.

Dr. Staple is always working on continuing her education and bringing new treatments to her practice that we are always open to.
The waitlist to see Dr. Staple was oh so worth it she truly loves what she does.

Thank you for helping this guy have the best quality of life <3.

Alex E.

After suffering from two suspected spinal strokes (Fibrocartilaginous Embolisms, or FCEs) that affected his hindquarters, our Gunny is unfortunately no stranger to rehabilitation specialists. After his second occurrence, 6 years apart, we knew he needed help if he was ever going to walk again. We were put in contact with Dr. Staple.

After driving hundreds of miles seeing several specialists, and dealing with the debilitating effects of Gunny's spinal strokes, we felt there was nothing more Dr. Staple could tell us we didn't already know. Well, we were wrong! With her ability to assess our situation, make recommendations on nutrition and home exercises, along with her positive energy and timely responses to our questions and concerns -- our Gunny is walking!

Dr. Staple is by far the best we have ever had the pleasure of working with and has exceeded all our expectations. We highly recommend her. 

Javier & Shawna S.

My Labrador, Lola, has been a really active dog her entire life – she was impossible to tire out as a young dog. When she was 4 she was diagnosed with arthritis in her back, elbows, shoulders, and knees, and later was diagnosed with the underlying cause of elbow dysplasia. As if that were not enough, in 2017 she had a bad landing after a jump into a swimming pool, and she ended up herniating discs in her back, which left her in incredible pain and nerve damage that couldn’t be repaired with surgery. She was already under the care of a veterinary acupuncturist to treat her arthritis at the time. I was so grateful when my vet shared a brochure regarding a veterinarian opening a new rehab practice in Los Osos. My girl started seeing Dr. Staple and was under her care until I relocated for a job.


Over the years, Lola has been to several other rehabilitation centers where the focus was on underwater treadmill therapy. Not only did Lola not like the water treadmills, but they seemed to make her more sore and traumatized. There wasn’t any of the in-office exercises offered by Dr. Staple, and they certainly didn’t offer the treatment programs that Dr. Staple prescribed and helped me learn to do at home so that Lola could receive ongoing care in between appointments. Since moving away, I have continued the acupuncture with a new veterinarian, and I continue the exercises and stretches originally prescribed by Dr. Staple. My girl has her bad days, but they are outweighed by her good days. Thank you, Dr. Staple, for providing "real" hands on therapy for Lola!  I think the stretching and massage you provide is much more helpful to your clients that a water treadmill. 

Tina (& Lola) O.


Dr. Staple treated our 14-year-old Belgian Malinois, Leo, who had developed back, hip, and leg issues due to being born with a deformed front left leg. He received acupuncture treatments which were a great help to his mobility as he continued to age. Dr. Staple also offered advice on diet, exercises, and things to help his mobility like harnesses and a custom wheelchair that were all great additions to help his quality of life.


We cannot thank Dr. Staple enough for her loving care of our Leo and all her knowledge that she shared with us. Although Leo passed just after his 15th birthday, we know that Dr. Staple's help offered him a great last year of his life. We highly recommend Dr. Staple and will definitely call her if we ever need help with our dogs again!

Lisa B.

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