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Laser Therapy

CVRA's Laser

CVRA is proud to offer safe and effective cold-laser therapy, a non-invasive, non-toxic way to reduce pain and promote pet healing. We use a Class IIIB Luminex Vet laser by Respond Systems, a US-based company that has done extensive research to prove the effectiveness of their products. CVRA's laser provides high power without the risk of burning that can sometimes occur with more powerful Class IV lasers.


How does laser therapy work?

The therapeutic laser emits infrared light at different wavelengths depending on the depth of tissue that is being targeted for treatment. Infrared light is absorbed by cells in the treated tissue, stimulating an increase in cellular energy and activity. This extra energy causes the cells to release products that speed the healing process, promote repair and regeneration of tissues, and increase circulation. This results in reduced inflammation as well as release of natural, pain-killing chemicals such as endorphins. 

Response to therapy varies depending on the pet and condition. Many animals feel more comfortable immediately after a session. For others, owners may not notice a difference until their pet has received multiple treatments. A laser therapy protocol will be recommended for your pet's condition that usually involves an initial phase of frequent treatments, followed by fewer visits as the condition improves. 

For more information, visit  Respond Laser's website to learn how it works. You can also click here for a sample of scientific research on laser therapy.

What conditions can the laser help treat?

Intervertebral disc disease, both conservative and surgical management

Arthritis / degenerative joint disease

Tendon and ligament tears such as cruciate ligament tears, both conservative and surgical management

Hip dysplasia


Stiffness and muscle soreness

Degenerative myelopathy

Neurologic conditions

Muscle strains and soft tissue injuries such as iliopsoas strains

Pre- and post-surgical soft tissue swelling


Trauma / wounds

Pressure sores

Skin infections / hot spots


What conditions are NOT appropriate for laser treatment?

There are situations in which using laser therapy is not recommended, such as giving the treatment over tissue that contains cancerous cells or over the abdomen in a pregnant animal. This is why it is important for CVRA to work closely with your pet's primary veterinarian to make sure using the laser would be safe and effective. It is also why x-rays are recommended at your referring veterinary hospital for certain conditions before beginning laser therapy.

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