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Manual Therapy

Manual therapies are an important part of the rehabilitation process, and may include:

Medical massage

Passive range of motion exercises


Cold therapy

Heat therapy

Ischemic compression

Dry needling trigger points

Joint mobilization techniques


These techniques have numerous benefits including reduction of pain and swelling of joints, relieving muscle knots/trigger points, increased flexibility in sore/tight muscles, and increased circulation. Many patients find the treatments to be very relaxing.

The type of manual therapy selected for your pet will depend on the condition being treated as well as the findings of Dr. Staple's detailed orthopedic and rehabilitation diagnostic exams.

If indicated, TENS or NMES therapies may be utilized during manual therapy treatments. This involves the placement of electrodes on the skin to either reduce pain or stimulate muscle contractions.

Helpful tip: Don't forget the ice! Applying cold compresses appropriately can greatly reduce inflammation and pain after injury and post-operatively. This will mean your pet will be up and moving in less time, preventing the onset of muscle wasting, and improving your pet's (and your) quality of life!

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