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Dr. Staple's Class IIIB laser is proven to reduce pain and inflammation and speed the healing process.

Manual Therapies

Stretching, massage, and joint mobilizations are for pets, too.

Therapeutic exercises

Learn appropriate exercises to help your pet recover from and prevent injury.


Learn about all the ways your pet can benefit from acupuncture.

Initial Consults - 90-minutes

Medical history review

In-depth discussion about patient history, lifestyle, and family goals

Gait and stance analysis

Function analysis

Physical Exam

Complete orthopedic and neurologic exam

Pain Assessment

Body Condition / Weight Assessment

Joint range of motion measurements

Muscle group evaluation

Strength evaluation

Formulation of home exercise plan

Home modifications and assistive device recommendations

Diet/medication/supplement/herbal recommendations

Treatment plan 

Treatments as time allows-

(laser, acupuncture, manual therapies, etc)

Follow-up Sessions

All-inclusive. Choose from:




Phone Consults


30-minute phone consults are available to provide general information regarding your pet's condition and help you develop a plan with your veterinary team.

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