Dr. Staple's Class IIIB laser is proven to reduce pain and inflammation and speed the healing process.

Manual Therapies

Stretching, massage, and joint mobilizations are for pets, too.

Therapeutic exercises

Learn appropriate exercises to help your pet recover from and prevent injury.


Learn about all the ways your pet can benefit from acupuncture.


Virtual housecalls

Telemedicine appointments available from the comfort of your own home. For current patients only.

Rehabilitation Appointments


​Initial rehab sessions last 1.5 hours and include a thorough discussion about your pet's medical history, a complete physical exam, detailed orthopedic exam with measurements, and gait/posture assessment. A prioritized list of goals will be created together and discussed. This initial session also includes treatments as time allows, which may include any of the services listed above (including acupuncture) that will best address your pet's condition. You will also be given a home exercise plan to begin exercises at home.

Follow-up rehab sessions will last between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the pet and condition. 


Acupuncture Appointments


Initial acupuncture sessions last 1 hour and include a complete physical exam and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine assessment. Types of acupuncture may include dry needling (most common), but electroacupuncture and aqua-acupuncture (Vitamin B12 injections into acupuncture points) may be offered if indicated. Acupuncture appointments also include diet and herbal recommendations, when appropriate. Dr. Staple has access to consult an herbal specialist through the Chi Institute for more complicated cases to ensure any herbs recommended are safe to give with multiple medical conditions and medications.

Click here to learn more about acupuncture services offered at CVRA.

Follow-up acupuncture sessions may last between 30-45 minutes.

Fitness Evaluations


Whether it is agility work, dock diving, fly ball, herding, tracking, or exciting visits to the dog beach or local trails, many dogs encounter repetitive motions, high impact activity, and abnormal stressors that could lead to injury. Fitness appointments are perfect for the canine athlete, working dog, or active pet family member. During these appointments, your pet's body condition, joint angles, stance/posture and muscle mass will be assessed, and potential sites of injury identified. Therapies will be implemented to treat areas of deficiency, strengthen appropriate muscle groups, maintain an ideal body condition, retrain gait, and most importantly, help prevent injury in the first place! 

If you are unsure which type of appointment would be best suited for your pet, or for pricing information, please contact CVRA.

Pet parents must be present during all appointments.

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