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Nutrition Consults

"What should I feed my pet?" 

This is the number one question pet parents ask. The pet food industry is massive and confusing, and pet owners simply want to do what is best for their pet. With so much conflicting information coming from all sides, it can be difficult to determine what food is best.

Dr. Staple's philosophy is that each patient is an individual - there is no best food for all dogs, or all cats. Your senior German Shepherd will likely do better on a different diet than your young french bulldog.

Dr. Staple is currently completing training to become a Certified Food Therapist (CFT) through Chi University. She is complementing this curriculum with two additional Western nutrition programs to have a well-rounded understanding of nutrition to provide the best of both worlds to clients. This by no means is the same level of training as a board-certified nutritionist. For pets with medical conditions, a consult with a boarded nutritionist will always be recommended and discussed first.

For a complete list of Boarded Veterinary Nutritionists, please visit

Dr. Staple will work with you to incorporate fresh-cooked food that is balanced and appropriate for your pet's lifestyle and medical conditions. Stay tuned for Nutrition Consult information, which will likely be offered early 2024.

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