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Therapeutic Exercises

This is the fun part! We will work together to develop a fun and effective exercise plan customized for your pet's life stage and condition. 

CVRA has a variety of equipment that, when used appropriately, will help your pet recover from injury, build muscle, lose excess weight, and prevent further injuries. Examples of equipment include exercise cones and cavaletti poles, wobble boards, therapeutic resistance bands, foam balance pads, stairs and ramps, balance discs, and physioballs. CVRA also has a canine land treadmill to help with gait patterning and incline walking. Exercises are tailored to build strength, balance, and body awareness of targeted muscle groups.

During these exercises, your pet will work for treats and will always be rewarded. This positive environment is what rehab is all about! 

Before you leave, Dr. Staple will work with you to develop an approachable exercise plan to continue at home. This is a great way to be involved with your pet's care, speed up the healing process, and will add to the amazing bond you already share. Just like with humans -- the more time invested in a rehab program, the bigger the benefits!

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