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Supplement Store

Not all supplements are created equal.

There are thousands of companies marketing their products as high-quality, pure, and effective. This can be very overwhelming to pet parents, who only want the best for their dogs and cats.

Below is a link to an online dispensary for Dr. Staple's patients, including a selection of supplements Dr. Staple commonly recommends.


Fullscript is a company that provides professional-grade supplements, many of which are not available through mass online retailers (Amazon, Chewy, etc.).

Only healthcare professionals have access to this platform, and Dr. Staple can make recommendations directly to clients to ensure pets are receiving safe supplementation at effective dosages tailored for their pet.

By using Fullscript, Dr. Staple's clients receive:

  • 10% off the market listing price of all supplements.

  • Free shipping on orders over $50.

  • Easy auto-refills to avoid running out.

  • Custom recommendations for their pet based on Dr. Staple's knowledge and research.

  • Confidence in knowing they are getting what they are paying for (not a bottle full of synthetic ingredients with low bioavailability).

  • Products that have been handled and stored appropriately - no expired products or products exposed to extreme temperatures.


The guidance of a professional is important to ensure safe and appropriate supplementation for your pet's medical condition(s). If your pet is not a patient of Dr. Staple's, please discuss any supplementation with your pet's veterinarian prior to use.

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