Thank you

for your referral!

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Staple is not currently scheduling new patients, and the waitlist is closed. 
If pet owners would like to be notified when the waitlist reopens, they can go here and add their email.

It is important to me that my clients and patients maintain a good relationship with their referring veterinarian throughout the rehabilitation process. During the course of treatment I will send you regular patient updates. At times I may recommend adding in an additional pain medication, taking new radiographs, or running bloodwork. I will send patients back to you with these recommendations. My practice is strictly focused on rehabilitation and acupuncture treatments.

Please refer patients for conditions you have already seen/diagnosed, or have gotten as close to a diagnosis as possible. 

I ask for a completed referral form and copies of records and any diagnostics (radiographs, labwork, etc) at least 48 hours before the appointment time. This will allow me the most time possible to work with patients. 

If you have any questions about treatment plans, specific conditions, rehab/acupuncture in general, or if you are interested in scheduling a lunch & learn for your practice, please do not hesitate to contact me.